Some considered President Obama's decision to release his birth certificate last week a fool's errand, since those who didn't think he was born in the United States wouldn't ever respond to more definitive evidence. It still may have been a silly argument to engage — that press conference of him showing his papers will always seem beyond surreal, if not plain depressing. But now a whole 70 percent of Americans believe he was born in Hawaii! You know what that means: This issue is coming dangerously close to something that we'll never have to write about again.

That 70 percent figure in a hot new Washington Post poll represents a significant victory for the reality-based community, as only 48 percent believed Obama was born in Hawaii this time last year. Overall, 86 percent now say it's their "best guess" that he was born domestically, whatever that means.

It's amazing how many people in this country have been co-opted by Obama and his minions. At least one idiot baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles is still asking the tough questions.

[Image via AP]