Animal Planet is launching the feline version of The Dog Whisperer, called My Cat from Hell. The differences between these two TV shows perfectly encapsulate the differences between dogs and cats.

Whereas dog whisperer Cesar Milan is a cheerful fellow who likes to rollerblade, cat whisperer Jackson Galaxy is a sullen man with quasi-goth facial hair, a penchant for bowling shirts, and tattoos of cats up and down his arms.

Whereas Cesar Milan's clients pee on the carpet, Jackson Galaxy's clients pee directly into the mouths of their sleeping owners. (When they aren't drawing blood and sinking their fangs into children.) Jackson Galaxy explains that the mouth-peeing cat was not at fault: "The real issue was what was coming out of the guy's mouth that made the cat want to urinate." Sure, blame the human. How cat-like. [My Cat From Hell via AOL]