It's baby-name time! The Social Security Administration has released the top baby names of 2010. People still love naming their kids after popular movie and TV shows!

The top baby names in 2010 were:


1) Isabella
2) Sophia
3) Emma
4) Olivia
5) Ava
6) Emily
7) Abigail
8) Madison
9) Chloe
10) Mia


1) Jacob
2) Ethan
3) Michael
4) Jayden
5) William
6) Alexander
7) Noah
8) Daniel
9) Aiden
10) Anthony

There wasn't too much change in the top 10 from last year. The Twilight-inspired Jacob and Isabella remained number one. Aiden broke into the top 10.

But trends in the lower 1,000 tell us a lot about people. Specifically, about the TV shows people watch. According to MSNBC, "The two names that saw the biggest increases in popularity are Maci and Bentley. Maci Bookout and her baby son, Bentley, were featured on Teen Mom." And the second-most trending boy's name was Kellan: Actor Kellan Lutz plays Edward Cullen's brother in the Twilight movies.

So, this means we'll probably have our first president Bella in the mid-2050s? Please, please, please let her be on a ticket with Jacob.

[Baby Name Wizard, image via Shutterstock]