These days, approximately 87% of the government's job consists of updating various social networking profiles and emailing people. How can we make sure that the Facebook status updates of all Obama administration employees are preserved, forever?

This is the question posed by Rep. Darrell Issa, Chief Republican super-eager corruption investigator and head of the House Oversight committee. He's become very concerned that Obama administration members' personal Facebook, Twitter and email accounts aren't being properly archived for the future historians who will use them to reveal the Obama administration's corruption. Now, Issa is leading a campaign to make sure that any official business conducted via these channels is archived, as required by the Presidential Records Act.

"I'm not after the president. I'm after the changes in technology and whether or not we're equipped to deal with them," Issa said. Thank God he's on top of the issue. Who knows what shady deals the Obama administration members are organizing with the Chinese politburo through Twitter direct messages and invite-only Facebook Events.