Yesterday Mariah Carey hinted that the names of her twins, with child bride Nick Cannon, will both start with the letter M. Now she's actually announced their full names and one of them is very funny!

Her daughter will be Monroe, which, OK, sure, normal enough. But her son! Her son will be named Moroccan. Yup! Moroccan Scott Cannon, named after the room at the top of Carey's multi-level Manhattan palace, the Moroccan Room. That's apparently where Cannon proposed to Carey (the little guy didn't even have to get down on one knee!) and, maybe, where little Moroccan was conceived? That's just wild conjecture, but hey, if it's good enough for Ron Howard's kids' middle names. Anyway, congratulations everyone. May little Moroccan grow up to be best friends with Bronx Mowgli Simpson. Or more than friends. It's the modern era, after all! [CNN, photo via Splash]