There are now browser extensions that will filter out curse words from your online friends. Meet "Bleep Tweets" and its cousin the "Foul Facebook Filter," both great if your social networking has gotten far too exciting.

As blogger Louis Gray puts it, Bleep Tweets turn status updates "from a potential R-rating to a more serene PG environment." You do have to install Bleep Tweets in your browser, along with its parent "Kyntex" extension. But then it runs quickly and transparently; for Gray, it quickly deleted 7,150 swears from more than 381,000 tweets.

You can even change the censor word from the default of "beep!" to something more to your liking. There's no word yet on when you'll be able to add to the blacklist other offensive terms, like "cloud," "#SXSW" and "RT @CHETHAZE."

[Image via Shutterstock]