In your moody Tuesday media column: Bin Laden saves the White House press corps, HuffPo people moves, Andrew Sullivan's traffic, a missing Al-Jazeera reporter, and Michael Wolff speaks (some more).

  • Let's be honest, media news this week has been pretty thin, thanks to the Osama Bin Laden News Blanket which will cover all news for at least another two days. The biggest beneficiaries of this: the media whores who populated Saturday night's White House Correspondents Dinner. We're looking at you, entire Washington press corps. All the Monday pieces making fun of them were scrapped in favor of Bin Laden news. But we didn't forget, you DC media whores. Oh no we didn't. We'll make fun of you next year. (And is it worth mentioning that the entire US media immediately took what the administration said about Bin Laden as gospel with virtually no supporting evidence? Sure, worth mentioning.)
  • Jai Singh, who'd been the Huffington Post's managing editor, has left for Yahoo Media to become editor in chief there. He's being replaced by Nico Pitney, HuffPo's executive editor. Also in HuffPo today: they've hired Sheila Johnson, one of the founding partners of BET. Along with everyone else, everywhere.
  • "Are the evening newscasts going one hour again tonight?" Jesus, let's hope not. America has missed enough Wheel of Fortune as it is.
  • Andrew Sullivan left The Atlantic and took his blog to The Daily Beast earlier this year and it was like a "big deal" by blog standards, but guess what, it didn't even hurt The Atlantic's traffic anyhow. Now if Jeffrey Goldberg left The Atlantic—that's something that would really help their traffic.
  • Dorothy Parvaz, a journalist for Al-Jazeera, has been missing in Syria since Friday. We hope she is found soon.
  • Pakistan's president says he will "pursue justice for journalists killed in the line of duty." We'll see.
  • AgencySpy is running a multi-part video interview of Michael Wolff which is well worth checking out if you're a fan of prickly things.

[Photo: AP]