It's safe to say that anyone who commutes to work gets a little annoyed with train delays. Fair enough. But there are ways to handle that frustration, and ways to not handle that frustration. In the video above from Argentina, we see the latter.

On Monday morning, some commuters finally snapped when a derailment on the train line forced significant delays. So, a handful of them did what any rational group of people would do — they burned those goddamn trains down. They also stole ticket boxes and, sadly, attacked some railway workers, reports the Buenos Aires Herald. Police have arrested several people in connection with the attacks and the train operator, Trenes de Buenos Aires, is trying to blame industrial saboteurs, telling the BBC: "The near-simultaneous nature of the fires was striking. The fact that security cameras were damaged at all three stations makes one think it was something organised and intentional." Or, perhaps people got fed up with your notoriously shitty train service? But if it was industrial sabotage and they really wanted those ticket boxes, well, bravo.

[Buenos Aires Herald; video via ITN]