Chet "CHET HAZE" Hanks is not just a rapping Northwestern University fraternity member and A-list movie star scion; he is also true American patriot. On this peerless day in American history, Chet took to Twitter to patriotize your bitch ass.

His most patriotic Tweets of the past 16 hours, in chronological order:

Holy MOtha fuckin shit BIN LADEN got MERCED by the US!!! #FUCKYEAAAA!!!!!

If you're saying shit like "only in the US would we celebrate an individuals death" please #Shutthefuckup

Turns out Obama is only one letter away from Osama. #AintThataBitch

Turns out Bin Laden wasn't even in a cave- he was in a mansion! Smokin hashis with a few Birka bitches showin a lot of ankle

It feels good to be up early today, and it feels good knowing Bin Ladens crazy ass is DEAD. #straightup

If you aren't happy that Bin Laden is dead please #growsomeballs

I'm saying we should also kill all the people that were in the countries CELEBRATING when 911 happened #ITSLIKETHAT

To anyone who has ever served or is currently serving in the United States Armed Forces, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You

Osama Dead! A great day for AMERICANS! A whiny day for PUSSIES!

Lest you bitch-ass pussy Osama-lovers take things the wrong way, Chet reminds you that "Its all about having a sense of humor #AMIRIGHT."

You are right, Chet Haze.

[Photo: Facebook]