Actress, television personality, 2003 Miss USA and all-purpose spotlight-addict Susie Castillo taped a tearful announcement after being "molested," as she puts it, at the Dallas airport security checkpoint.

Explaining that she always opts out of the full-body scanners out of fear of radiation poisoning, her frisking by a female TSA agent at Dallas/Fort Worth International was way too frisky for her liking:

I'm really, really upset that as an American I have to go through this. And I do feel violated. I didn't think that I would when I had to opt out of the machine, but I completely feel violated. This woman, she touched my vagina four times.

She turns the camera back on a little later to update us on what happened after she attempted to lodge a formal complaint. She also continues to make her case about the absurd lengths to which travelers' bodies are being regularly violated in the name of public safety:

Drug smugglers, sometimes, I've heard, they put drugs up their rectum. So what happens when a bomber or somebody, a terrorist, puts something up their rectum? Are we going to get rectal exams? What's next?

Hey, Miss USA — don't give Donald Trump any bright ideas. [Buzzfeed]