This morning we heard that "psycho loose cannon" actor Alex Pettyfer has "Thank You" tattooed above his penis, "in case I forget to say it." Now V Man, the magazine that quoted Pettyfer on that, has kindly provided photographic evidence of said crotch tattoo. Unfortunately, since the web versions of their photos are kind of small. I feel like I'm squinting at a too-small line of text at the opthamologist's office.

Not that they'd run a photo of a tattoo that said anything other than "Thank You" right next to an article that quotes it that way.

Anyway, V Man's cover labels Pettyfer "Hollywood's Next Bad Boy." Even though his pubic region is so polite! Poor Alex Pettyfer, the media is so cruel to him. [VMan, Refinery29, images via]


'Psycho Loose Cannon' Actor Has 'Thank You' Tattooed Above His Penis