Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld doesn't go anywhere without his traveling companion and muse Baptiste Giabiconi. Now he's reserved a very interesting honor for the comely young man: Uncle Karl has sculpted the boy in chocolate. Remember Karl, it melts in your mouth, not in your hand. We wonder what it's filled with when you bite into it!

The work debuted today in Paris, where Karl is hoping to promote ice cream brand Magnum by unveiling his sweet, sweet sculpture of Baptiste, who also stars in the commercials Lagerfeld directed for the brand. Naturally, if you're going to make a chocolate sculpture of the man you want to be your lover, he's not going to be wearing anything but a tiny pair of white briefs. White, Karl? Isn't that going to make a mess?

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[Photo via AP]

Not only is the sculpture made of chocolate, but so is the entire room. It took more than 10 tons of chocolate to construct it and the furniture. Man, that is like one really delicious prison.

[Photo via AP]

This is what Baptiste Giabiconi looks like in real life. Here's the little poodle posing with Karl in front of a wall of naked photos Lagerfeld took of him. The only thing stranger than this is, well, when someone turned him into a chocolate statue!

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