[There was a video here]

After being stabbed in the side with a butcher knife, a 58-year-old parking garage attendant in the Bronx fended off two armed attackers with an apple. The surveillance video shows two younger men threatening the attendant, who happened to be holding an apple at the time. (By color, I would guess it is a Gala. Jonagold, Fuji, and Honeycrisp are also possibilities.) As the knife-wielding assailant lunges at our frugivorous hero, he flings his snack at his attacker, then shoves the thug out the door.

All hail the Hero Apple Thrower of Some Parking Lot in the Bronx! After the fight, he went to the hospital and was released. The NYPD is searching for his attackers, and released this video with the hope that someone would recognize them. So if you see a guy with a bruise on his face in the shape of nature's toothbrush, call the Crime Stoppers hotline immediately. [NBCNY]