Lots of folks are angry on Birther Day. But it's also a time for exposing more lies! Here's one of today's hot Twitter stars, Gary L. Mathis, whose breakthrough theory you can see above.

He is a "Conservative, gun owning scientist with a Ph.D. in Physics who believes in the free market & that Dems & Libs should be shown no mercy in the political arena." See that? "Ph.D. in Physics"? Well, now you know for certain that Obama's long-form birth certificate isn't real, because it was written with a pen from the future. Get your "layers" argument out of here — Mathis has a professional argument. Other popular Mathis tweets from today include "I P Freely on Obama's BC" and "Let me say this one more time for dim witted libs: rollerball is not the same as ballpoint. Got it? NOT THE SAME!"