America's most polarizing actress has been cast in another project, one that's sure to be issuey. What will people say? Also today: a good actress joins a hopefully good movie, more Hunger Games casting news, and some good and some bad for HBO.

  • Uh oh, cue the outrage machine. Lightning rod actress/comedienne/sexbot Olivia Munn, known rich person, has been cast as a financial analyst on Aaron Sorkin's HBO pilot about a cable news network. A "sexy" financial analyst. But Olivia Munn isn't financy! And why does she have to be sexy? Why does Olivia Munn have to be, in general?? These will be the questions swirling around this controversial casting. Also (potentially) joining the show are Marisa Tomei as an executive producer and Alison Pill as a junior producer. Whoa, they are very good! I am actually very excited about this show! Way more excited about this behind-the-scenes cable news show than I was about Shonda Rhimes's behind-the-scenes cable news show, which thankfully did not get picked up last year. Now that would have gotten my personal outrage machine going. But yeah. Olivia Munn. Ready... fight! [Deadline]
  • More good news about ladies getting cast in things. Mirielle Enos, who is currently doing very good work on AMC's The Killing, has been cast as Brad Pitt's wife in the upcoming movie version of World War Z. Mirielle Enos in a zombie movie! The Brainsing. I'm excited. [THR]
  • Hungah Gimz! Newstime! Yes, two more tributes have been cast in the Hunger Games movie, these ones from District 3. Two randos named Ian Nelson and Kalia Prescott have been cast as the District 3 randos, who both, uh... live long and happy lives in peace and comfort and nothing bad happens to them. No spoilers! [EW]
  • Today there is both good and bad news for HBO. The bad news is that the second season premiere of Treme, David Simon's musical meditation on post-Katrina New Orleans, had 50% fewer viewers than last year's series premiere, and all told once repeats and whatnot are counted, it's down 5% from last year's average. So they appear to have lost a few viewers. I, uh, maybe didn't even know it premiered on Sunday? So maybe the promotion wasn't quite what it should it have been. The good news is that the second week of Game of Thrones had the same ratings as the first week, hopefully implying that the show is building a steady audience. The best news for HBO, though, is still that Entourage is almost over. That's the best news for humanity, really. [THR]
  • Sad old Paul Reiser went on sad old Jay Leno's show and proceeded to dump on sad old NBC for canceling his sad new show, the creatively titled The Paul Reiser Show. Oh boo hoo. The out of touch rich man is upset that his out of touch show about an out of touch rich man was canceled by an out of touch network. The feedback loop continues and, as ever, Brett Butler sits somewhere by the phone, waiting for someone to give her another chance. [The Wrap]
  • A gain and a loss in the Tyler Perry community! TBS has canceled House of Payne, Perry's multigenerational sitcom and his first collaboration with the network. So RIP, show. But where there is death there is also birth. TBS has ordered ten episodes of For Better or Worse, a TV version of Perry's Why Did I Get Married movies that will star two of the films' stars, Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith. Someone be sure to let the Peabody committee know, as they'll need to order new molds to make next year's awards. [Deadline]

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