Here's another story of high school gender confusion, this one coming from America's great pulsating phallus, Florida. It seems a Tampa-area teen wore high heels to school, causing an uproar. The uproar? This teen was a boy. In high heels! What is this, Crazy Town?

The teacher who kicked the student out of class and sent him to the principal's office said he did so only because the fashion statement was distracting the other students, who were starting to call him names and whatnot. And as any reasonable disciplinarian will tell you, you always punish the target of harassment, rather than the harassers, because they likely brought it on themselves. Some students were upset that the boy's creative expression was suppressed, so they staged a small protest, with one boy wearing a dress to school. The principal then calmly sat him down and persuaded him to change. Proving yet again that the best way to deal with difference is to politely ask it to stop being so, y'know, different. [NYDN, image via Shutterstock]