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In your tense Tuesday media column: Keith Olbermann is returning, a new Katie Couric rumor, Jay Rosen ruminates, Michael Kinsely's new job, Anderson Cooper's hot new cable news feud, and a new Village Voice columnist.

  • Attention, Americans: Keith Olbermann's new show, uh, Countdown, again, will debut on Current TV on June 20 at 8 p.m., same time as his old show, uh, Countdown. The only difference will be far fewer viewers. You want to come to my Countdown debut party? Oh, I was going to go to yours!
  • Yet another Katie Couric rumor has arrived, if you can believe it! ABC News is reportedly trying to lure her away from CBS with talk shows and letting her sit around on the news whenever she wants, basically doing whatever. We'll see! This is the 682nd Katie Couric rumor of the year and we've lost our ability to differentiate.
  • Verbose NYU journalism muller-over Jay Rosen mulls over what he's learned in the past 25 years. Worth mulling over.
  • Michael Kinsley, a pretty good editorial writer incapable of holding a job, is reportedly leaving Politico to go work for Bloomberg View for some huge amount of money. And awesome debut editorial would be "Michael Kinsley explains why Bloomberg View is not a political tool of the Bloomberg administration."
  • Anderson Cooper called out Sean Hannity last night for being a generally dishonest moron, and followed that up by immediately saying "This is not the start of some cheesy cable news feud." Oh yes it is, because the extremely bored blog press says so! AC vs. Hannity! Who will smack down whom tonight? Everyone speculate furiously, so that they will both have to "address the speculation." War, on cable!
  • The Village Voice has hired Harry Siegel—the young, conservative son of a Rudy Giuliani adviser who briefly ran the New York Press and later wrote for the NY Sun—as its new metro columnist, a job formerly held by Tom Robbins. Well. That's a... non-traditional choice. Though we are withholding judgment!

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