California had near-record precipitation this year, and that's a great thing. But things could always take a turn for the worse — and they will, according to a new water study from the Department of the Interior.

According to their research, climate change — that thing these twelve law- and opinion-makers refuse to believe exists — will result in a water flow decrease of up to 20% in the West's largest river basin.

The Colorado, the Rio Grande and the San Joaquin are three of the rivers mentioned in the report, which said an 8% to 20% decrease in average annual stream flow is expected.

Those rivers provide water to eight US states, from Texas to California. The West and South West are among the fastest-growing regions in the US.

Beyond the water shortage, the report also predicts temperature increases of 5 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit. Not exactly the kind of news that goes down well while lounging at the bottom of an empty swimming pool. [BBC, photo via Shutterstock]