Do you have Game of Thrones fever? You aren't alone. We're just two episodes into HBO's new fantasy series, and its intricate tale of dwarves, direwolves, and doggy-styling has already earned it a passionate following. In fact, one fan feels so strongly about it, he's currently sitting in jail.

It all began last night, when police were called in to investigate a disturbance at the Florida home of 23-year-old Michael Podniestrzanski and his cousin, Joshua Ross. From the police report:

Mr. Posniestrzanski stated they were watching a new show on HBO called "Game of Thrones." During the show they began to talk about who was going to win. Both subjects got in a verbal altercation over this show based on medieval times. Mr. Posniestrzanski stated they then fought for a bit and that Mr. Ross ended up getting thrown in to [sic] the front window during the altercation.

He actually tossed his cousin through a window! I salute Posniestrzanski's level of savage commitment to the series he so clearly loves. But if they wanted to be completely authentic — let's be honest — this Game of Thrones cosplay needed a lot more incest. [The Smoking Gun, photos via, TSG]