USA Today—an adorable daily picture book distributed free to customers of mid-rate hotel chains—is making a strategic move to wrest control of the "believes in angels" demographic from said demographic's current newspaper of choice (the Washington Times).

Believers in angels can rest easy knowing that while other so-called "news outlets" are irredeemably biased against treating angels as real things, USA Today takes a strong "we report about angels, you decide" position. Last week, the paper did an admirable job on the "Is some kid's imaginary trip to heaven to see Jesus 'real?'" story. And today, USAT kindly opens its op-ed pages to the powerful message of Anthony DeStefano, author of The Invisible World: Understanding Angels, Demons and the Spiritual Realities that Surround Us. Anthony, can you convince America's hotel guests that the alarming recent rise in atheism is a mere fad that will never change the fundamental truth of god's love? Yes, Anthony has several reasons why atheism is a "ridiculous notion." None more powerful than his kicker:

Because aside from all the logical arguments for God's existence and all the miracles and all the truths contained in Scripture, one simple fact remains: 2,000 years ago, on that first, quiet Easter Sunday morning, Christ did rise.

The fact that that is the very last line of Anthony's op-ed means that there is no room for debate! As a believer in angels, I appreciate that.

[USAT; photo via Flickr]