Lindsay Lohan is unhappy with her sentence. Liz Taylor's eighth husband speaks out. Charlie Sheen loses a goddess via text message. Ye seek Sunday gossip: it is risen.

  • Your Lindsay Lohan questions, answered: What did she think of the fact she had to go to jail? She told friends it was "ridiculous" and "fucked up." What's her dad up to? Going to rehab, on a boat. Will she lose her role as Victoria Gotti in Gotti: Three Generations? No one will comment, but The New York Daily News gets to call Lohan the "capo de cutie capi," so it's worth it. [TMZ; TMZ; NYDN]
  • Elizabeth Taylor's ex-husband number eight, contractor Larry Fortensky, gives a weird, sad interview to the Daily Mail. It sounds like they had a pretty happy, if, uh, nontraditional marriage? And then it fell apart and Fortensky relapsed into alcoholism and suffered a bad accident and is now on tons of pills and can't remember much. [Daily Mail]
  • Tragedy struck the household of Charlie Sheen yesterday when "goddess" Bree Olsen broke up with the poem-fingered warlock over a text message. Winning, or whatever. [THR]
  • Prince Harry is preparing a special post-party breakfast after the Royal Wedding! And by "preparing," we mean, "ordering the caterers to work double shifts." Which he can do, because he's a prince. That's just how it works! [Daily Mail]
  • Senator John Kerry (D - Mass.) went to Rome during Senate recess, probably to get his secret orders from the Pope. He ate gelato. [NYP]
  • For some reason, actress Mischa Barton owes $95,000 to a private nursing company. Barton's reps say they don't know why, which means the bills were probaby racked up during that weird fourth-season alternate universe. [TMZ]
  • Antoine Dodson, the famous meme, was arrested for possession of marijuana. [People]
  • Olivia Munn did something in Las Vegas. I guess she said something, loudly? But, most importantly, she was drinking Skyy Infusions Dragon Fruit vodka. I bet it just tastes great, this Skyy Infusions Dragon Fruit vodka. Again, the name of the drink favored by famous Justin Timberlake sex partner Olivia Munn is Skyy Infusions Dragon Fruit vodka. [NYP]