Snooki is known for eating fried pickles and drinking sugary cocktails that come in glasses larger than her head—including the pouf (RIP)! Now we hear that she's on a diet to slim down for the next season of Jersey Shore. Say what?

People reports that Snooki started her reality TV career weighing 100lbs, but all the partying and lounging about that goes along with her "profession" made the diminutive star pack on the pounds. What is she doing to get rid of it? She's eating salads and chicken! She's exercising! She's only drinking clear liquors and has given up margaritas, "which are, like, a million calories." Yes, if you look on the back of the glass, that is the actual nutritional content of a margarita: 1,000,000 calories.

Isn't it nuts that Snooki is doing it the sensible way? Knowing her we figured she'd be on the cranberry and crocodile meat diet or some crazy shit like that. Well, it turns out she's not that creative, and she's not messing around. And now Snooki—like every other celebrity—is going to be all skinny and not have giant hair and she'll probably stop tanning. Boo! Snooki, we liked you the way you were before when you were a little crazy and a little plump. We already have one Heidi Montag we don't know what to do with. Please don't fall into the same trap.

[People, images via Snooki's Twitter]