As we speak, Lindsay Lohan's preliminary evidentiary hearing for the felony theft of a necklace has adjourned for lunch. LiLo arrived at court with her hair in a sloppy bun and wide blue sailor pants billowing above a pair of patent leather peep-toe pumps. Long-suffering assistant Elinore tagged along, Louis Vuitton tote (laptop case?) in hand.

Today's hearing will determine whether the prosecution has enough evidence to go to trial. So far, they have called two witnesses to the stand. Sofia Kaman, owner of profiteering, victimized jewelry store Kamofie & Co., testified that she paid $850 for the necklace in question and planned to sell it for $2500. (Apparently that's a reasonable fine jewelry markup?!) Meanwhile, Kamofie clerk Tinelli Comsookri testified that Lindsay nearly stole a $1180 pair of earrings four days before the alleged necklace theft.

Then, at 12 noon PST, they took a break for lunch.

The gripping hearing will start up again at 1:30PST, at which point we will obsess over what kind of lip gloss Lindsay is wearing, and how Elinore can afford Louis Vuitton. Oh, and whether or not LiLo's case gets reduced to a misdemeanor, or whatever. [TMZ, ABCNews, Popeater, images via Getty]