What's dumber than getting a tattoo on your ass of the Tasmanian Devil chugging a beer while peeling out in a hot rod? Getting a full chest piece that recreates that murder you committed outside of a liquor store several years back, that's what.

But for L.A. gang member Anthony Garcia, of Rivera-13, the need to brag about killing a 23-year-old man in 2004 was too great, so he immortalized it across his entire chest. According to the Los Angeles Times, when Garcia was booked on a minor offense years later, a detective who had worked the cold case in 2004 recognized the scene —all the way down to the Christmas lights outside the store — in police photographs of the man's chest.

Garcia confessed on tape to an undercover cop in jail, and now will go down as one of the dumbest humans alive.

[LAT; image via Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department]