The ballots for Worst Teacher Ever have been tabulated — and we have a tie! And they're married! Gay Davidson-Shepard, 59, and her husband Daniel Alma Shepard, 61, both high school educators from Orange County, have been charged with engaging in illegal sex acts with a 17-year-old boy. They're currently out on $150,000 bail.

Both are charged with sexually assaulting the minor over a period of several months after they groomed him by plying him with alcohol and entertaining him in their Huntington Beach home...Both are accused of sexually assaulting the boy starting in April 2009 after they got into their hot tub naked and encouraged the minor to do the same. [...]

In addition to engaging in illegal sex with a minor, Daniel Shepard is accused of asking the boy to email him nude photos of himself and of taking nude photographs of the victim and the illegal sex acts.

Was this what they meant in Waiting For Superman when they were referring to a "Lemon Dance"? Or am I confusing that with a Lemon Party? [OC Register, photo via OC District Attorney's Office]