Glee's resident divo Chris Colfer is proving Time magazine right by bulking up his Hollywood resume. Also today: Bethenny Frankel is very rich and Jimmy Fallon is well on his way, too bad Sean Penn will probably come along and rob them.

  • Well how do you like that? Glee star Chris Colfer, the ghost of a young English nurse killed during the Blitz, has sold a television pilot to the Disney Channel. The show, The Little Leftover Witch, is based on a children's book about a little witch that falls from the sky and gets taken in by a family. A familiar trajectory! Clearly one hopes that Colfer will play the witch, but that seems doubtful. Rather the part will go to yet another screaming Disney starlet. Not sure if Colfer would continue writing on the show beyond the pilot he's already written, but it seems like that would be a bit much, what with filming Glee and doing the summer tour and shooting an indie movie he co-wrote. Busy bee! Running around London in that white hat and red cape and then one day, boom. [Deadline]
  • NBC has officially renewed Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the post-Tonight Show coucher that's only gotten better and better as time's gone by. To think, some people had written Fallon off before the show even started. Boy those idiots sure must be embarrassed. [EW]
  • Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer has begun casting his movie Gangster Squad, about Coolio and his friends living high off the hog in 1996 (I wish), and he has some good names in the running! Three, to be exact. Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, and Josh Brolin have all been offered roles in the picture, about LA Jewish Mafia leader Mickey Cohen (that'd be Penn, Fleischer hopes) being pursued by two policemen (Gosling and Brolin). Sounds fun! Though, with Public Enemies coming out so recently, a little familiar. Also in Fleischer-related news, here's a trailer for his next movie 30 Minutes or Less, featuring lots of actors playing the roles they've all been playing for a while now. Plus, swears! [THR]
  • BREAKING: Non-Males Write Science-Fiction Script [Deadline]
  • So, avid vampire-hunter Kate Beckinsale is maybe going to play the Sharon Stone part in the Total Recall remake with Colin Farrell? That's what was rumored but now it's less rumored or something, but still could happen. And also maybe Jessica Biel is up for the other part? Though that could just be yet another example of Biel's name being mentioned for everything. Who knows. This movie has just been all over the place with casting. And I know, I know, as evidenced by many an internet comment, most people really just want to know who's going to play the lady with three boobs. Only thing? This one isn't taking place on irradiated Mars. So I doubt there will be mutants. Though, there could be! But given Farrell's respectable sexual egalitarianism, this version's sexy mutant could end up being a guy with two dingles. Could be. [Deadline]
  • WHOA. HBO has optioned Jennifer Egan's brilliant, Pulitzer-winning collage novel A Visit from the Goon Squad, with plans to turn it into a TV show. That could either be really good or really, really bad. Really bad probably? Hm. Intriguing. [NYT]
  • Sigh. Money. Bravo star Bethenny Frankel is getting really rich, is basically the nature of an article. Really really rich, off of dietary cocktail tonics and weekly lifestyle news reels and other newfangled things. Used to be, in Chris Colfer's day, a person would get rich out in Hollywood, California or running a steel mill. Now everything's different. What a strange world for a spirit to wander forever, looking for one's beloved. Last Chris heard, he was in Dunkirk, waiting to cross the English Channel... [THR]

[Photo via Billy Farrell/Billy Farrell Agency]