We here at Gawker have been too giddy ever since chief Daily Beast wordsmith Meghan McCain mentioned that she'd be interviewing Donald Trump. What nutty and awkward and flirtatious turns would this clash of egos take?

Well, the transcript is up now! Here are some memorable moments:

Trump has no idea what's happening right off the bat:

Donald Trump: So are we doing a radio show?

Meghan McCain: No, this is an interview for The Daily Beast.

Donald: Oh, OK, good. I like you. I see you a lot on television. I like you and I like your father, I'll tell you. And I like your mother. I like your whole family. Hey look, I supported your family, right?

Things heat up:

Meghan: What's interesting about you and your candidacy, I think that some people think it's some sort of joke or publicity stunt. But even at dinner last night I was sitting with my friends, and it's like the more people talk about it the more interested they are and the more convinced they are that you could be a nominee for the Republican Party. What I'm looking for is someone who's not going to take bullshit, not going to let the media run them around, and who is going to give it back to Obama. And you seem to be the only person who's really doing it right now.

Donald: I love your attitude. And I've seen your attitude, and that's why I'm doing this interview

McCain demands employment:

Meghan: If you run for president, will you hire me for your campaign?

Donald: I like the idea! I love it! Will you do me a favor? See how I do, and you call me at the right time. I'm serious about it.

Eventually they stop caring about readers' interests entirely:

Meghan: Have you hired any advisers yet?

Donald: I'm thinking about it. Tell me, who do you like? Do you like Tony Fabrizio?

Meghan: Yeah, maybe.

Donald: How do you like McLaughlin? You know, the McLaughlin brothers?

Meghan: I'd say stay away from Steve Schmidt, who ran my father's campaign.

Donald: So you like McLaughlin better than Fabrizio, between you and I?


Donald: Can you do me a favor, 'cause that's very important. Those first three states are going to be very, very important. If you have some recommendations for those first three, I'd love it.

He'll never let you down, Megs:

Meghan: Are you really ready for this?

Donald: If I do it, Meghan, I'm ready. You have my word. If I do it, you will not be disappointed in my performance. That I can tell you. I won't be lazy sitting home watching television. I'm a worker.

They need to take this act on the road.

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