Today we heard that exciting new boner-boosters are on their way! Yayyy boners! People love boners, don't they? They really do. I mean, just look at these two commenters waxing rhapsodic about boners!

From mr_bannana:

Boners really are magical. You have this subtle, supple thing that suddenly turns into a pulsating piece of sexual awesome. It's no wonder we're obsessed with the erection and how to scientifically generate the perfect boner

From suffersfoolsgladly:

@mr_bannana: They ARE magical!( This has been on my mind since yesterday's penis-extending article.) That said, I'm glad I don't have one;it would be the only thing I could think about;I would be so impressed with myself. As it is, I think about boners only 40% of the time.

From mr_bannana:

@suffersfoolsgladly: They're so cool! It's like, how does it happen? How does it know?! Fucking mind blowing!

They just love boners.

[Image via Shutterstock]