In honor of this whole stupid 4/20 thing, CNN has commissioned a poll on attitudes toward pot legalization (that's right, CNN is now programming around fake holidays dreamed up by stoned teenagers). And wealthy white people are the strongest supporters of legalized marijuana.

Which is funny, because rich white people are the least likely sector of the population to actually go to jail for illegal drug use, so what do they care? Overall, 41% of Americans favor legalization, and 56% are opposed [pdf]. But white people had stronger support—43% for to 54% against—than nonwhites, who overwhelmingly opposed legalization, 62% to 36%.

And rich people were also more likely to favor legalization—44% of people earning $50,000 or more vs. 38% of people earning less than $50,000. And we all know that rich white people get what they want, so look out for legal pot soon, kids.

[Photo via Shutterstock]