In your neverending Tuesday media column: Adweek messes up, Reuters beefs up, the Pulitzers toughen up, Tribune Co. is screwed up, and Glenn Greenwald is all hooked up.

  • Today in the Amazing Turnaround of Adweek: The first issue of the new Adweek debuted this week with a typo on the cover. (They spelled Zynga as "Zenga.") Around here we take a "fix it when you find it" approach to typos, but they're much harder to fix when printed on actual paper.

    Since you didn't ask, I will now give you my prediction for the future of Michael Wolff's new, media-reporting-heavy Adweek: It'll go along just fine for a month or three, until the publisher starts getting calls from the advertisers, who say, "I find all of that media reporting very interesting but by the way, we are in the advertising industry. Not the media. So I'm, you know, taking my business over to Ad Age, which really, let's be honest, covers this industry that I'm in (advertising) better than you guys do." And that will be the end of the great media-reporting-heavy advertising trade magazine experiment! In the meantime, we can all enjoy a momentary increase in media reporting.
  • Reuters news operation is overhauling itself! By hiring Paul Ingrassia and Stuart Karle away from Dow Jones. They've also hired Jim Gaines, the managing editor of The Daily! Adios, future of news! And fuck you, Rupert! Reuters is not playing around.
  • The most newsworthy thing about yesterday's Pulitzer Prizes is the fact that they chose not to give any of the nominees the award for Breaking News reporting. No one! Frozen out, publicly! After letting this sink in for 24 hours, it seems even more fucked up. Why have finalists if you don't award the prize? Prizes should be mandatory! This should be changed.
  • I wonder if the bankrupt Tribune Co. has turned everything around now and is experiencing "smooth sailing?" Actually their shareholders are "bracing for a possible barrage of litigation aimed at clawing back more than $8 billion in payouts." Huh. Well. We're sure it will all work out, knowing the Tribune Co.!
  • Here's an Out Magazine story about the personal life of excellent Salon columnist Glenn Greenwald. But only read it if you care about frivolous matters like Glenn's meet-cute with his much younger Brazilian boyfriend, on a beach in Rio. If you are primarily concerned with Glenn's arguments against unconstitutional detentions by the US government, you may skip this story.