Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has finally discovered a law too stupid for her own, stupid state! Namely, the "Guns on Campus Bill," which she vetoed because it was "very sloppily written and drafted." And! She vetoed the "birther bill"!

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Yes, the "Birther Bill," also known as "the Barack Obama Circumcision Act of 2011," will not become Arizona state law any time soon. Not because it's stupid—though it is!—but because "it's a bridge too far" and fails "to do anything constructive for Arizona."

The "Guns on Campus Bill," meanwhile, was vetoed for being stupid. Or, more specifically, for being "very sloppily written and drafted," which, well, we shudder to think what that means in a state that recently made "walking while Mexican" cause for suspicion. (Jokes about the state aside, we can't really think of any good reason to prevent the hardworking, intelligent, teetotaling students at ASU from carrying firearms.)