Disney star Vanessa Hudgens went to Coachella, where she pulled out a zippered pouch, reached inside, retrieved a mysterious white substance, licked it from her fingertip, and ignited a controversy: "Vanessa Hudgens Does Drugs at Coachella?" the internet asked. [Images via Pacific Coast News]

But she couldn't be dumb enough to do drugs in public at a paparazzi orgy like Coachella, could she? That substance is too gooey to be cocaine, and there's way too much of it. Frosting seems like a likelier bet. [Images via Pacific Coast News]

Or mayonnaise, or go-gurt, or marshmallow fluff? Elmer's glue or kindergarten paste? On second thought, maybe Vanessa should say it's cocaine. The alternatives are so much worse. [Image via Pacific Coast News]

Besides, Vanessa has had so many naked scandals! So we know she has poor judgment, picture-wise. She is also a known drum circle enthusiast, and has been wandering around Coachella with a tambourine and painted face. And you know what that means: DRUGS. [Images via Pacific Coast News]