Luckily everyone has until Monday, April 18—rather than the customary April 15th—to file their taxes. Sure, many people (especially freelancers) are going to be cutting a giant check to Uncle Sam. But lots of people will be getting money back from the government. Here are some of the things you can buy with your newfound riches.

The average taxpayer is on track to collect $3,070 this year, according to the IRS. That's a lot of money! You could blow that in so many ways, right? Well, here are some suggestions to start you off.

Trip to Paris

Why not take yourself to Paris for Memorial Day with your newfound riches?

  • Plane ticket from New York to Paris: $1,549
  • Three nights at the Apostrophe Hotel: $846
  • Discretionary spending money (all you'll really need is $100): $657

Designer Handbag

You don't have to go Canal Street now that you're flush.

  • Chanel Hollywood Flap Shoulder handbag (and on sale!): $2,995
  • Cash to put in it: $75

The Full Apple Suite

Be just as cool as all your geek friends with these gadgets.

  • iPad 2: $499
  • iPhone 4: $399 (with two years chained to AT&T or Verizon)
  • New MacBook Pro, 15-inch: $1,799
  • Money for apps so you can try to make your friends think you're cool: $373

Fancy Dinner

Now that you can afford to eat, have just one good meal.

  • Tasting menu for two at New York's Per Se: $590
  • A magnum of Louis Roederer, Reims, 1973 champagne: $2,265
  • Money left over for a tip: $215

Hookers and Blow

Sure, it's illegal, but it's your money now. Do what you want with it!

  • An overnight visit from a pornstar like Avi Dar (NSFW) or Isabella Rossa (NSFW): $1,100
  • The Liberty Suite at the Standard where you can consummate the deal in front of thousands of New Yorkers thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows: $1,300
  • Two eight balls of cocaine: $500 (according to my dealer)
  • 40-pack of condoms: $17.99

[Image via Shutterstock]