For years, the city of New York has been trying to get approval to build a garage for its sanitation department near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel in downtown Manhattan. But that's where celebrities live! Sorry, celebrities:

In a unanimous ruling, the state Appellate Division gave a green light to a proposed Sanitation Department facility, including a salt-storage shed at Spring Street and the West Side Highway, despite opposition from the community and stars like James Gandolfini, REM frontman Michael Stipe, Jennifer Connelly, John Slattery and Kirsten Dunst.

Without commenting on the appropriateness of this from an urban planning perspective, we will chuckle freely at the entire spectacle of some of Tribeca's wealthiest residents, who—having spent countless millions of dollars to seal themselves in a secure bubble of luxury and privilege—now attempt to present themselves as some humble, besieged "community" under attack from the powers that be.

"We're no NIMBYs." Mmm hmm.