We love the FBI's new document-sharing website, "The Vault"! Without it, we might never know that a corrupt cop may have killed the Notorious B.I.G. Or that a mysterious "general" warned KFC's Colonel Sanders of a murder plot!

Sanders, the man who set in motion a chain of events that ultimately resulted in the Double Down, was, like Pope John Paul II (seriously) an "honorary Kentucky colonel." This is not, technically, a military title—and yet Sanders was contacted by a unnamed "general" warning him of vague threats:

FROM: U.S. Armed Forces
TO: Col. & Mrs. Sanders
DATE: 1/4/74

This is to inform you that you are in grave danger of being murdered. For details go to any recruiting station and call the Los Angeles Missile Base.

the General

The FBI dutifully filled out a report and filed away the note without uncovering the identity of "the General." And yet it seems so obvious! Think about it: How many generals are involved in the shadowy world of fast food? What general would have Colonel Sanders' address? Who else would move in the same circles (fried chicken and military titles) as Colonel Sanders?

Who else indeed, besides General Tso?