If there's one issue related to factory farming that our nation's legislators need to address, it's the extreme perils of... people filming what's going on at factory farms, and showing the public. Iowa will put a stop to this!

Out in Iowa, where the official state motto is "[State Motto Unintelligible due to legislators giving blowjob to agriculture lobbyists]," the legislature is working not to clean up factory farms, or regulate factory farms, or investigate factory farms, but to stop anyone from doing anything that might make factory farms look bad.

A bill before the Iowa legislature would make it a crime to produce, distribute or possess photos and video taken without permission at an agricultural facility. It would also criminalize lying on an application to work at an agriculture facility "with an intent to commit an act not authorized by the owner."

Watch out—he has photos and videos taken without permission at an agricultural facility! The NYT notes that the Iowa Poultry Association "helped write the bill." Politicians are owned by industry and no river of animal blood is too deep to cross in order to make money so go vegetarian or just give up, the end.