Like a vulture circling a mound of rotting flesh, Lindsay Lohan is closing in on the role of Victoria Gotti in an upcoming mafia movie. To seal the deal, Lindsay and Victoria posed for pictures; the result was like one of those fairy tales where a damsel looks in the mirror and freaks out when she sees what she will look like when she is old. Not that Victoria is that old! Just that LiLo has a thing for snuggling up to human embodiments of her super-tan, uber-blonde future.

Like when she posed with Donatella Versace. Between the two of them, they must have more suspicious moles than a South Beach dermatology office.

This is about Lindsay's relationship with her super-tan, uber-blonde mother, right? The Carmen Electra Complex: When tanning beds, sun-in, and clumpy mascara supplant the jealous rage inherent to mother-daughter relationships. [Images via Getty]