Earlier this year, we heard rumors of a revolt brewing among dissatisfied employees at AMI, publisher of Star and The National Enquirer. This prompted every last AMI editor and executive to email us, insisting in the most strenuous terms that AMI is just fine! For example, Star editor Candace Trunzo (pictured, at left) wrote, "What revolt? This is a crock! Your source clearly has an axe to grind. At Star, we are committed to the magazine, AMI and most especially David. He is a superb leader!"

David Pecker fired Candace Trunzo last night. She'll be replace by former Radar Online editor David Perel, who will himself be replaced by former Palm Beach Post gossip editor Jose Lambiet. The staffs of Radar and Star are being "integrated," which is never good news, if you work there.

Zeke Turner, in my favorite Media Explanation of the year thus far, quotes a source explaining the rationale for the moves: "Pecker wants Star to be increasingly anticelebrity and mean."

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