You know what's a really bad idea? Allowing college kids to carry concealed handguns on public university campuses. For the second time, a Texas Republican state senator, Jeff Wentworth is trying to get a bill passed that would allow this to happen. But as of last night, according to The Austin American-Statesman, the bill appeared to be almost dead. Wentworth told the paper, "I didn't have the votes" to get the bill on trigger happy Governor Rick Perry's desk. Good.

Most the arguments in support of such legislation are laughable, at best. They usually go something like, "If I had been at Virginia Tech, I would have shot that son of a bitch dead," and so on. Okay, but let's just say your aim is a little off that day and you end up killing some random, terrified kid across the room? And who's to say a kid with raging hormones who was just dumped by his girlfriend (and also has a concealed weapon permit) won't go on a shooting rampage? The hypothetical scenarios could go on forever, and they're mostly all bad.

The bill's basic premise is that having armed kids on campus will somehow make other students safer. What — some vigilante, frat boy gun club is going to protect defenseless students because they passed background checks and can shoot straight? Give me a break.

[Governor Rick Perry loves guns, via Getty]