If you're wondering—as we so often are—how future governments will enforce keep the worker/organ-farm classes in line, look no further than this video, in which a New Scientist editor is prevented from speaking by a magnetic field.

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We get pretty pleased with ourselves, we humans, what with our Sistine Chapel and existentialism and so forth, so it's nice to see that all of our fancy reasoning bits are worthless when put up against a high-powered version of the thing you use to stick Chinese restaurant menus to your fridge. As you can see, Roger Highfield is interrupted during his nursery rhyme recital by the scary magnetic wand (the technique is called "transcranial magnetic stimulation"). Not only that, but the magnetic fields screw up the camera, preventing any kind of meaningful documentation of the upcoming secret police magnet-raids! (As though you will be able to afford a camera in the future anyway.)

[New Scientist]