The French rolled up in more than 30 armored cars to the compound of Ivory Coast 'strongman' Laurent Gbagbo today and finally arrested him. All hail the French! The civil war sparked by Gbagbo's refusal to step down following his election loss last November is hopefully reaching its conclusion. This will come as terrible news to several prominent evangelical Christians back here in America.

Gbagbo, a Christian, was close with the most prominent members of America's evangelical community, many of whom stuck by his side as the international community descended on him. Like the ultra-conservative evangelical leaders in Uganda, Gbagbo is close personal friends with members of The Fellowship, or "The Family" — the secretive right-wing Christian group founded in the 1930s that's most famous for organizing the annual National Prayer Breakfast and offering dorm-like housing for evangelical members of Congress who cheat on their wives.

The New York Times takes a look at Gbagbo's friends today and focuses on Sen. Jim Inhofe, Pat Robertson, and Glenn Beck. Are they only supporting this murderous nut because he's a Christian, and his rival is a Muslim? Duh. But Sen. Jim Inhofe, at least, says that religion's got nothing to do with it. He likes plenty of Muslim leaders! (Hey Mark, who are those Muslim leaders he likes again?)

Later on Friday, speaking by telephone, Mr. Inhofe said of Mr. Gbagbo, "We are both Christian, but I also have close relationships with a lot of presidents who are Muslim."

Asked which Muslim presidents he was close to, Mr. Inhofe said, presumably to an aide, "Let's see, go ask Mark which of the presidents is Muslim." About a minute later, Mr. Inhofe interrupted to name Muslim African leaders he is friends with, including Jakaya Kikwete, president of Tanzania.

Ace job, Mark!

[Image via AP]