Jim Carrey, that nearly forgotten relic of the '90s, tried to improve his image and box office relevance by getting himself a new haircut. It's not working.

Carrey's wide mohawk is not the sort of haircut that an adult Canadian should be sporting, at least not one like Jim Carrey. Maybe it would work if he were more rock 'n' roll or just a total loon (Mickey Rourke with a mohawk is a whole different story), but Jim Carrey just doesn't have the attitude to pull it off. This is the sort of haircut that a celebrity's rebellious 14-year-old should have. You know, one named after a fruit, biblical hero, or New York borough. Or the one member of a boy band who's considered the "edgy one." This isn't edgy at all. Didn't David Beckham have this cut about the same time Jim Carrey had his last box office hit?

Jim, your mid-life crisis has gone too far. Please give up the leather jacket and leave the 14-year-old haircuts to someone who's better suited to them, like fellow Canadian Justin Bieber.

[Images via Flynet]