Remember the "voluptuous blonde" Ukrainian nurse described in a Wikileaks cable about Colonel Muammar Qaddafi? Well, he had a bunch of them, most of whom fled Libya as the rebellion grew stronger. And luckily for us, Newsweek tracked one of them down. According to 24-year-old Oksana Balinskaya, Colonel Qaddafi:

  • Still listens to cassettes.
  • Remains "in great shape."
  • Makes decisions based on handshakes, because he "is a great psychologist."
  • Changes outfits "several times a day" and is "obsessive" about clothes.
  • Is grossed out by poor people: "When we drove around poor African countries he would fling money and candy out the widow of his armored limousine to children who ran after our motorcade; he didn't want them close for fear of catching diseases from them." Sounds familiar!
  • Maybe wasn't getting as laid as we originally thought: "None of us nurses was ever his lover; the only time we ever touched him was to take his blood pressure." Hmm. We'll hold out for the tell-all from another nurse.
  • Gives watches with his face on them as gifts.
  • Doesn't actually sleep in a tent.

[Image via AP]