In his first public appearance since being arrested for rape and sexual molestation charges in England, free speech champion Julian Assange threw a fit, threatening to sue a guy who said mean stuff about him.

Assange told the crowd at the Frontline Club in London last night that Wikileaks was more accountable than elected governments because it was supported by donations, rather than beholden to corporate money. But for someone who doesn't like the government, he's certainly fond of England's ridiculously dysfunctional libel law.

Assange has been talking for a while about how he is going to sue the Guardian for libel. Last night he reiterated the claim, saying that Wikileaks "is in the process of suing the Guardian." And when political commentator Douglas Murray criticized Wikileaks for its own lack of transparency, Assange, "asked if Murray would like to 'join the queue' of organizations he was suing," according to the Guardian.

Of course, if the Guardian's book about Wikileaks does actually contain malicious lies they should be held accountable. (Though we doubt it does.) But threatening people with lawsuits because you don't like what they said about you? Very corporate.

[Image via AP]