Prince William and Kate Middleton are a young, attractive couple who have been living together for ages. If they haven't had sex by now we'd be worried. Luckily nobody in the UK cares about whether their princesses are virgins anymore.

The AP has a whole story about why nobody cares that Kate Middleton and Prince William have probably "done it," as they say in the village squares, before getting married. So what if they made sweet love in chalets and palaces all over the world? Not our business. In fact it actually makes the royal couple seem more normal, according to people interviewed for the article. You don't want a couple of nerds serving as your symbolic figureheads, do you?

It wasn't always like this. Back in 1981, Princess Diana's uncle, Lord Fermoy publicly announced that 19-year-old Diana was a "bona fide" virgin before she got married to Prince Charles. And you thought your uncle was awkward. They probably got rid of the whole virgin thing because nobody wanted to be in charge of a virginity press conference ever again.

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