Today we learned that Dan Quayle's son is going to save us from the earthquakes. Naturally when one thinks about an earthquake in the US, one thinks of California. But there's somewhere we're forgetting, guys. Come, let's get scared together.

From jedifarfy:

1) Yeah, we're all gonna die.

2) Whenever anyone says "Earthquake", they think of California. Let me throw a few words at you:

Seattle. Nisqually. Amazon, Starbucks, Tullys, Costco, Expedia, Real Networks, Getty Images,, etc. etc. headquarters. SEATTLE IS FULL OF DOOM. Like your coffee? If Seattle gets hit, Starbucks around the country could be hit with computer problems and delays with some supplies. Like your cheap books? Amazon could go down.

Next time you think of earthquakes, remember that it's been a LOOOOOONG time since Seattle had anything major, we're not really prepared, and you won't get your coffee.

[Photo via Getty]