What factors does New Jersey consider before proposing legislation? Is it the economy, the health and wellness of their citizens, or the desire for law and order? No, it's how much Snooki gets paid.

After the recent brouhaha over the fact Snooki made $2,000 more than Toni Morrison when speaking at Rutgers University, New Jersey state senator Joe Kyrillos has proposed a bill that would require public universities, like Rutgers, to approve any events put on by student groups that involve fees. Snooki's Q&A session cost student groups $32,000, which came from mandatory "student activity fees" that each student pays as part of their tuition.

Kyrillos thinks that these funds shouldn't be "wasted" and there should be some oversight. I hate to be all GOP, but I think this is one of those cases where less government is better for everyone. The problem is that Kyrillos is operating under the assumption that hearing Snooki speak about the greatest sociological experiment of our time is a waste. It is not. In fact, it is money well spent. I'd offer Snooki $35,000 just to show up at my birthday party!

The system is also better with no oversight because then students would be forced to pay for a bunch of really boring events that adults select for them. If the "Snooki Law" is passed, Rutgers students get to look forward to a bunch of long, boring lectures by old academics. Things like, well, having Toni Morrison drone on and on about Beloved. We get it, already. She's dead! Now will you let us go back to staring at Snooki? We're trying to have some fun over here.

[NJ.com, Image via Getty]