Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren is married to a guy who just happens to be good friends with Sarah Palin. Now she's complaining on her blog that people are inviting her to stuff just to hang out with her famous friend.

Susteren, whose Scientological faith apparently dictates that she must blog in italics at all times, wrote today of the sneaky "media groups" inviting her to appear at their events…. harboring a hidden agenda:

In the last 2 months, I have been called by two very prominent media groups asking if I wanted to play a very prominent role in one of their events. I was mildly interested but always suspicious...why me? Is it because I am now the longest on air cable news host since Larry King left (I think) or the longest on air woman cable news host ?

Why Greta? Is it because you have heard that she sometimes smashes beer cans open over her head at parties? No, Greta soon learned the reason behind their mysterious choice:

During both conversations in which I was told how much they would like to have me, I was told they had a good idea for my presentation. I said, what is that? The reply, 'why don't you get Governor Sarah Palin and interview her in front of the group?' could not get Governor Sarah Palin themselves so they went to "plan B" — call Greta and get her to do it. I don't think so.

They were using Greta to get to Sarah! Van Susteren's husband is D.C. lawyer John Coale, who is not only a close friend of Sarah Palin, but also helped her set up her PAC and has been called one of "the protectors of the Palin brand." These media groups were like the 13 year-old boy who hangs out with the loser kid because he's got a crush on his hot sister.

But Greta saw right through their craven scheme. She ends her post:

First, and this will surprise many, I don't have that relationship with Governor Palin. When I am able to talk to her, I book her on ON THE RECORD at 10pm. So they can stop calling, I am just not that stupid.

Second, it is silly. The whole thing is silly.

Hear that, media groups? If you're not nice to Greta Van Susteren she is going to go home right now and take her Sarah Palin with her.


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[Image of Sarah Palin and Greta Van Susteren in Haiti via GretaWire]