Scientists have discovered the first-known case of someone catching an STD from a mosquito bite. And he gave it to his wife! Now is the time to invest in some Off! stock.

In 2008, biologist Brian Foy of Colorado State University travelled to Senegal to collect mosquitoes for malaria research. When he got back to the States, he came down with a battery of strange symptoms, including fatigue, rash, headaches, aching joints and painful urination. A few days later, his wife came down with a similar mysterious ailment.

A new study from the CDC says what happened was that Foy caught the rare Zika virus from a mosquito bite in Senegal, then transmitted it to his wife during sex. (Zika is related to Dengue Fever) Foy tells Science, "My wife wasn't happy with what happened afterwards." Luckily for Foy, catching an STD from a mosquito in the pursuit of scientific knowledge is one of the few situations in which infecting one's wife with an STD is completely acceptable. We salute both of the Foys for their contributions to science.

Conclusion: All malaria scientists should wear comically oversized condoms over their bodies when doing research, a la the Naked Gun.

[Via Treehugger, image of Foy's rash via the CDC]