It seems as though Marine Corps Gen. James Amos (pictured, third from left), a onetime outspoken opponent of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal, has had a change of heart. Where only recently he was testifying that letting gay soldiers serve openly would have a "strong potential for disruption at the small unit level," today he told the House Armed Services Committee that "the clear majority of [feedback] is very positive." Which means gay soldiers could serve openly as soon as this June. Ha! Suck on it, House Armed Services Committee.

That hearing was called today by GOP members as a last-ditch effort at torpedoing the repeal, which passed last December in the lame-duck congressional session. Amos's sentiments were echoed by high-ranking colleagues like Army Gen. Norton Schwartz ("I'm more comfortable than I was...") and Navy Admiral Gary Roughhead ("[It] won't change who we are or what we do..."). But it was Amos who put it best when he testified, "Young Marines, quite honestly — they're focused on the enemy."

None of this seemed to sway the opinion of Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-Miss.). "[Recruits] thought [this] was a good military, a correct military," he said. "And this Congress comes and tinkers with it." He then compared the repeal to the massacre at the Alamo. Glenn Beck could seriously take some lessons from this guy in the art of insane historical metaphor. [NYDN, photo via Getty]